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 Programi mobilnosti 2016 prezentacija

VII CASEE konferencija – otvoren poziv za abstrakte

Call for Abstracts:


Call for Abstracts:
7th CASEE Conference: „The Role of Life Sciences in Europe’s 2020 strategy“,

May 22 – 24, 2016, BUASVM – Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine „King Michael I of Romania“ from Timisoara

We thank our colleagues at  BUASVM for offering to host the conference, and warmly  invite all CASEE members to attend.

Call for Abstracts
Draft programme

Thematic sessions:

  • Primary production and regional development
  • Trends in food safety and food security
  • Energy, climate change and biodiversity – related environmental challenges
  • Biotechnology in knowledge-based bioeconomy
  • Workshop „Soybean Research for Europe“

Online abstract submissionhttp://www.medacad.org/2016CASEE/abstractsubmission.htm
from October 1, 2015 to December 10, 2015

Only abstracts submitted online can be accepted!

  • All staff members from CASEE universities are invited to submit an abstract for a paper/ poster presentation.
  • PhD students from CASEE universities are specially invited to submit an abstract for a poster or an oral presentation on their thesis topic, relating to the general topic. Up to 20 PhD students with full papers accepted by the conference will be exempt from the conference fee.

We kindly ask you to distribute the programme and the call for papers within your university and encourage your staff members and PhD students to take part in the conference.

Further information: www.casee2016.usab-tm.ro


Конкурс за Еразмус Плус мобилност особља на Универзитет Панонија (University of Pannonia, Georgikon Faculty), Мађарска

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Ерасмус Плус – Конкурс за мобилност

КОНКУРС за Еразмус Плус студентску мобилност у Банатски универзитет за пољопривредне науке и ветерину у Темишвару 
КОНКУРС за Еразмус Плус мобилност особља у Банатски универзитет за пољопривредне науке и ветерину у Темишвару

Danube Innovation Partnership Summer School on IP Commercialisation and Technology Transfer, 14-18 September 2015, Budapest

In the context of the Danube Innovation Partnership, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (in collaboration with the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary, The World Intellectual Property Organization, the Intellectual Property Office of Hungary, Semmelweis University of Budapest and the University of Debrecen) is organizing between September 16th and September 18th in Budapest, Hungary, the second edition of the Danube Innovation Partnership (DIP) Summer School on IP Commercialisation and Technology Transfer: „Working Together on Academic IP Commercialization in the Region“


This year, the meeting will be preceded on 14th and 15th September by an additional two day called: „WIPO Inter-Regional TTO Meeting “Working Together on Academic IP Commercialization in the Region” which will be jointly organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Office of Hungary, the Semmelweis University of Budapest and the University of Debrecen. This meeting of regional technology transfer organizations (TTOs) and their professionals will focus on specific issues relevant to technology management in universities and research and development (R&D) institutions in the region.  The main topic will be IP Commercialization, addressing in particular themes on IP Marketing and Valuation.

The two events will be organizationally and thematically inter-related, back-to-back, and open for participation of sponsored or self-financed professionals from the region, from September 14th to 18th 2015.

The objective of these events would be to strengthen capacity in technology transfer and the commercialisation of research results and to support professional networking among Technology Transfer professionals.

We are currently accepting applications for participation to this training week with more details, requirements for admission and a provisional program available here.

As someone who has been involved with the Danube Innovation Partnership in the past, we would be grateful if you could circulate to your network of contacts information about this opportunity.


I2FA (Ingénieurs Internationaux en Formation par Apprentissage)

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 H2020 Info-dani u Beogradu i Novom Sadu

EURENSSA Summer Camp conference for students – Environment/Sustainability

This summer we organise a summer camp conference for students studying
programmes related to environment or sustainability. We want to gather
students from different fields of study (e.g. ecology, environm.
engineering/management/law, earth/environmental sciences, sustainable
development, …) to exchange their knowledge and explore environmental
issues in an interdisciplinary context.
We kindly ask you to pass this e-mail to your students and anybody who
could be interested in it.


This project is called EURopean ENvironmental Sciences Student
Association (EURENSSA) and is organised every summer in a different
Attached you can find an invitation letter and a poster of EURENSSA
2015. Please print it and pin it to a bill-board in your
institute/faculty where interested students can notice it.

EURENSSA 2015 will be held in August in Germany and we are looking for
highly motivated students who want to participate in this summer camp
conference. The summer camp’s programme covers participant presentations
as well as workshops and field trips. It is an amazing opportunity for
students to travel and make new friends with similar interest from all
over Europe.

Further information you can find on our website: www.eurenssa2015.de

 Poster – EURENSSA 2015

 Invitation letter – EURENSSA 2015