Mission and vision


The Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad is an institution of higher education and scientific research whose mission is to stimulate high-quality educational processes, development of scientific disciplines and dissemination of knowledge gained in economy and society. Since its establishment in 1954, the Faculty of Agriculture has been dedicated to the accomplishment of its mission, based on successful results of its scientific research activities and their application in practice. Throughout the years, based on the observed needs of economic environment and current needs of society, the Faculty has developed study programs preparing students for the existing and pending technical-technological, and socio-economic systems. At the same time, it has developed its own competent human and technical resources. The Faculty of Agriculture carries out its mission in three interrelated groups of activity: higher education, scientific research, and knowledge application on the field of economy. Simultaneously, it constantly enhances its educational programs, quality of working processes, as well as human and material resources, aiming at the achievement of the highest standards. Thus, the Faculty of Agriculture fulfills educational needs of young generations, scientific and expert needs of economy, and material needs of its employees. Moreover, as part of the comprehensive educational and scientific system, it is a driving force of social development and the initial force behind the development of agriculture.


Being an equal partner in the united European space of higher education, the Faculty of Agriculture has a vision to achieve the highest levels of excellence, i.e. the highest position in the company of the best. Its orientation towards modern study programs and high-quality studies creates conditions for faster growth and development followed by realistic perception of the necessity of education in specific environments. With the aim of fulfilling the imposed vision, a significant number of international scientific projects and wide application of gained results on the field of economy provide participants in the educational process with additional values and competence.