1. By entering the Universitys students acquire the right to enroll in the library. In order to become members of the library, students must show their student ID booklets and personal IDs.
2. The Library members get a personal card, which should be filled in capital letters with the appropriate personal information from student ID booklets and personal IDs.
3. When borrowing a book it is necessary to bring your student ID booklet.
4. A student can borrow up to two books from the library at a time.
5. A member can keep the borrowed book for 30 or 60 days, with a proper prolongation in the library.
6. The only copy of a book that is left in the library is not on loan. Members of the Library may only use this copy in the library.
7. If a member of the Library retains the book longer than the prescribed period, he shall pay ten (10) dinars for each day that elapses before the return.
8. The only copy of a book left must be returned the same day. Otherwise, a member of the Library has to pay a fine of 50 dinars for each day that elapses before the return.
9. Damaged or lost books must be replaced or paid for by the borrower.
10. Lost books are to be reported immediately; otherwise, the penalty amount increases every day until the return.
11. When borrowing a book, library members are obliged to examine whether the book is damaged, in order to avoid being accused for the damage.
12. If the member refuses to return the borrowed book or to make up for the lost book, the matter will be taken to court
13. The graduation certificate cannot be received without the confirmation from the Library attesting that the member has returned all the borrowed books.
14. At the end of semesters it is also mandatory to verify student ID bookletsin the Library.
15. The confirmation by the Library is also needed when withdrawing documents from the student administration..
16. Users are obliged to report any change of their address or phone number to the librarian.


1. The reading room can be used only by students of the Faculty of Agriculture.
2. When entering the reading room, the student is required to leave their student ID booklet and in return receives a pendant with a number of the seat
3. The number of the seat and the one on the pendant must be the same like the