Department of Water Management

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About the Department of Water Management


The Department of Water Management was founded nearly four decades ago as an interdisciplinary scientific and educational institution and integral part of the Faculty of Agriculture. Over the years, Department has been transformed into a notable nationally and internationally recognized institution, staffed with distinguished professors and researchers. Special attention is focused on young academics and their professional development.

The core activities of the Department include education at all three levels of studying (bachelor, master and doctoral), research activities, active participation in water related projects at national and international level, and consulting services related to water resources management, use and protection, with emphasis on agricultural sector.

Why Study Water Management, Use and Protection?

The Department of Water Management offers a Bachelor degree in Water Management, Use and Protection. The programme focuses strongly on preparing the graduates for employment in the wide variety of disciplines within the area of water management science. Subjects from agricultural, biological, and engineering sciences are complemented by units in meteorology, environmental science, geographic information systems, economics, in order to provide instruments to approach water as an integral part of economy, environment and society.

As water management issues are becoming more important every year due to the climate change, water scarcity and increased water and food demand, subjects within the Course also train the students on issues of irrigation and drainage, water use efficiency, flood protection, extreme meteorological and hydrological conditions, protecting the environment, water pollution monitoring and management, degradation of soil, ground and surface water management and allocation, water quality, system analysis of water resources, and sustainable water management. 

Finally, the Water Management, Use and Protection programme provides students with theoretical education but also focuses on practical components. Work placement after second, third and fourth year of studying is important part of the curriculum, giving the students the opportunity to gain some working experience and put their knowledge into practice.

As all programmes at the Faculty of Agriculture, this programme is accredited and officially recognized, which guarantees that the programme meets the highest educational standards. Upon successful completion of the programme, the graduates will hold a degree of Bachelor of Water management, Use and Protection.

Employment Possibilities

  • Government departments;
  • Agricultural companies;
  • Water management companies; extension services responsible for agriculture, water management, ecology and environmental protection;
  • Environmental consulting companies;
  • Other organisations


Graduates use their skills and knowledge to plan and manage crop production, irrgation systems, design and operate irrigation and drainage systems, organize and manage flood protection, plan and manage water allocation, environmental protection and sustainable water management.

Possibilities for Further Education

As the programme is accredited and officially recognized nationally and internationally, graduates of the Bachelor of Water management, Use and Protection programme can pursue further education at national and international master’s and doctoral programmes.


Graduates can also pursue certification in the field of melioration from the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.